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village Yasinya hotel "Yarema House" GPS: 48.245218, 24.242900
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Ігор Борисяк, водій ратрака, гід

Igor Borysyak is the founder of the Dragobrat freeride center and the founder of the freeride movement in Dragobrat. The first, most experienced and objectively best navigator, snowmobile driver and freeride guide. (R.I.P.)

Freeride Center snowmobiles under his leadership make a group of new people absolutely happy every winter day.

Ihor Petrovych is the core and ideological inspirer of the freeride cell in Dragobrat. It is his experience, enthusiasm, positivity, as well as modern reliable snowmobiles that make each of our freeride tours better and better.


Ярема Борисяк, водій ратрака, гід
Крісті Петрулич, гід-рятувальник, інструктор зі сноуборду
Михайло Владиченко, гід-рятувальник, інструктор з гірських лиж
Віталій Воронін, гід фрірайд-турів, інструктор зі сноуборду

With our team you will feel confident that everything will go at the highest level and just as you would like!


Dragobrat Freeride Center

village Yasinya
GPS: 48.245218, 24.242900

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+38 (067) 841-30-03
+38 (067) 903-34-88

07:00 - 23:00