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village Yasinya hotel "Yarema House" GPS: 48.245218, 24.242900

conditions of participation

Please read carefully the conditions of participation in the freeride tours Dragobrat Freeride Center

General conditions:

  • By participating in freeride tour programs, you realize that off-piste skiing is a dangerous type of active recreation, in which there is a risk of injury and other unforeseen consequences.
  • In order to make skiing as safe as possible, our freeride tour is accompanied by two or more guides. When participating in a freeride tour, you must follow the instructions and recommendations of the tour organizers.
  • The availability of avalanche equipment is an individual means of safety, which you must take care of in advance yourself.
  • Start of the tour: gathering of participants at 9:30 in the hotel "Yarema-hut".
  • Departure at 10:00.
  • The tour starts after the group is recruited or by prior reservation. Book a tour: +38 (067) 903-34-88; +38 (067) 841-30-03.
  • Якщо фрірайд-тур не відбувається за погодних умов або з нашої вини – передоплата повертається у повному обсязі.
  • Departure time - 10:00. If the rider does not show up, the prepayment in this case is non-refundable.
  • To participate in a freeride tour, you must have experience of off-piste skiing. By participating in freeride tour programs, you confirm that you have such experience.
  • The organizers have the right to limit the rider's participation in the tour program if his riding level significantly delays the group. In this case, the rider pays the full cost of the tour.
  • If a member of the group violates the rules of skiing or unacceptable behavior in the team, the organizers have the right to deny the rider further skiing without refund.
  • If due to weather conditions or unforeseen situations the freeride tour is interrupted, the cost of the tour is reduced according to the number of lifts.
  • Participation of children in freeride tours is possible under the condition of the appropriate level of skiing and accompanied by parents.

Route selection

  • the first descent takes place to determine the general preparation of the group and further adjustment of the route (snow, wind, physical training of participants, etc.).


Dragobrat Freeride Center

village Yasinya
GPS: 48.245218, 24.242900

Показати на мапі

+38 (067) 841-30-03
+38 (067) 903-34-88

07:00 - 23:00